Evolve your building to increases its value, lifetime and attractiveness

Our connected KONE DX elevator solutions add value to your building and make sure it’s ready for whatever the future brings. Improved accessibility for residents and visitors and a cleaner, healthier environment – with KONE DX, we’ve got you covered.


Improve building performance and operation

Ensure uninterrupted people flow, minimize risks, and increase efficiency in your building with our connected solutions.


Smooth people flow and a unique user experience

Bring out the human side of your building with personalized, multisensory ride experiences, human-centric design, and smart building applications that make everyday life easier.

Managing people flow and user experience with KONE DX

Key Benefits

Maximized uptime and availability

KONE DX enables efficient operations, helping to manage fluctuating usage of the building and giving 24/7 control to maximize uptime and availability

Smoother, safer people flow

KONE DX makes every day convenient by improving accessibility and contributing to a safe and clean environment

Easy to integrate, easy to use

Our application programming interfaces (APIs) make it easy to integrate equipment and service status data with your building management system.

Adaptability and scalability

KONE DX is an updatable and upgradable solution that enables the building to evolve and increases its value, lifetime and attractiveness

Managing people flow and user experience with KONE DX


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